Why Fund Immersion Education

Do a quick web search on “Improving education in the United States” and you’ll get some interesting results.  From additional testing to a more systematic approach to educating our youth, everyone has an idea on how to “fix” education.  There have been many successful models of education.  Among those, language immersion presents a unique opportunity to learn another culture while meeting rigorous academic goals.  So why fund German Immersion here in Milwaukee?  It’s effective.  It’s proven.  And it works.


Imagine being able to send your child to school, see them excel in subjects of mathematics and English, and come home enjoying each day.  Now imagine them doing this while learning another language.  The same amount of time is spent in school as other children, yet they have the additional benefit of another language and greater global and cultural awareness.  That’s the effectiveness of language immersion.

German immersion education in Milwaukee, WI, has been around for more than 30 years.  This staying power is not because language immersion is en vogue or has a great community of supporters (though it does), it’s because it has proven to be a sustainable model for education with undeniable results. The Milwaukee German Immersion School (MGIS) has exceeded local and state standardized test results year after year. Milwaukee School of Languages (MSL) students excel in Advanced Placement exam results.

These students are the future employees that will make our communities strong.  They have the academic track record and language background to be successful in an ever-growing global marketplace.  And the problem-solving skills learned in an immersion environment further position them as strong job candidates for any market segment.

To put it simply, language immersion is working.  To keep this program flourishing, your support is needed.  From funding the latest technologies to giving students the greatest methodologies available in teaching today, your financial support makes all the difference.