Board & Liasons

GIF Board of Directors


Board President – Zak Otto, Wixon
Board Vice-President – Tim Weiss, Palermo Villa, Inc.
Secretary – Nancy Crow, The Boerke Company, Inc.
Treasurer – Scott Vogt, Wisconsin Stamping & Manufacturing

Board Members

Susan Arnhold
Todd Hensersky, Aurora Health Care
Chris Sayrs, Attorney
Richard Pfaff, City of Milwaukee
Manuel Merkt, Hermle Machine
Kasey VandeBerg, Scenic View Country Club

MGIS Liaisons

Dr. Albert Brugger, MGIS Principal
Elisabeth Bloede, MGIS Staff Member

MSL Liaisons

Yvette Martel, MSL Principal
Natascha Nill, MSL Staff Member

Past Presidents

Sigurd Piwek, MGIS
David Sachs, Johnson Controls
Mike Carroll, Intelligent Conversations
Stephen Arnhold, Humana
H. Carl Mueller, Mueller Communications

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