How To Help GIF

Whether you have a child enrolled in a German Immersion school, are an alumni, have ties to German heritage, or you simply have an interest in expanding the cultural development of Milwaukee’s youth, there are many ways you can support the German Immersion Foundation mission.

While financial contributions can directly fund the schools’ many needs, volunteering your time also can provide valuable support. View the list of financial contributions below and donate today (link to donation area), or sign up to volunteer for this great cause. (link to Volunteer form)

Corporate Involvement

Supporting language immersion education is an investment in your future workforce. There are multiple ways your corporations or private business can help the MGIS and MSL students, from hosting a field trip to learn more about your business to sponsoring the annual Celebrate Success (link to Celebrate Success event page) corporate networking event to funding a specific investment project at one of the schools. (link to wish list)

Cash Donation

Contributions in any amount can help these schools maintain educational excellence in times of tough public school budget cuts. All donations are tax deductible. Review a list of current needs at MGIS and MSL that you could fund. Donate now. (link to online donation option)

In-Kind Contributions

Each year there are multiple items each school requests that can help enhance the student learning experience. In lieu of a cash donation, you can donate the specific item or professional services, which area tax exempt to the extent allowed by law. Review a list of current needs at MGIS and MSL that you could contribute. (link to wish list page) To donate one of these items, contact

Host an Amity Intern

The Foundation funds and coordinates the hiring of college teaching interns to work at either Milwaukee German Immersion School (MGIS) or Milwaukee School of Languages (MSL), providing valuable native German exposure for the students. This can require up to 24 families for a single school year, each for approximately 9 weeks. If you are interested in volunteering for the upcoming school year, contact Learn more about this opportunity. (link to an Amity page)

Gift of Personal Property

Donations of securities, insurance policies or other items of value also are welcome as a way to help fund the GIF mission.

Bequests, Memorials & Gifts of Honor

GIF is able to receive bequests designated in a will or rust, as well as donations made in memory of a specific individual. You also are able to recognize a friend, relative, teacher, staff member or special occasion via a contribution. Contact for more information.