GIF Grants

GIF Grants

The Foundation regularly funds grants for initiatives that support the ongoing education objectives of MGSI and MSL and align with the GIF Mission.

Grant applications will be considered five times a year. The submission deadlines for grant consideration are September 1, November 1, January 1, March 1, and May 1. Grants submitted by these deadlines will be notified by the end of the month in which the deadline is met (i.e. grants submitted by 9/1 will be notified by 9/30).


Grant applications must be submitted to the Grant Committee and a recommendation made before it can be presented to the Board for final consideration.

In order to allow enough time for your Grant application to be properly considered, it should be completed and submitted to the Grant Committee at least one month prior to the proposed expenditure. If this is not possible, please contact the Grant Chairperson directly to discuss urgent Grant requests.

Grant Requirements

All proposals must be discussed with the Principal of your school and be signed by the Principal – prior to submitting it to the Foundation. While the Principal does not have to directly “approve” the grant to permit submission to the Grant Committee, their comments must be noted in the proposal.

Grant applications may be e-mailed directly to, emailed to the chairperson directly, dropped off in the Foundation basket in the MGIS school office or mailed to the Foundation at:

Attn: Grant Committee
German Immersion Foundation
PO Box 100670

Grant Criteria

  • The applicant must be a staff member of MGIS or MSL.
  • The application must describe a well-conceived educational plan.
  • The application form must be completed properly.
  • The project should have the potential to be used in other classrooms, and/or other teachers will be able to use results of the project.
  • The project should affect more than a few teachers, students or staff.
  • The project should be targeted for an audience identified as lacking or in need.
  • The project should improve the quality of teaching or learning.
  • The project should demonstrate a unique or innovative approach to meet an educational need.

Criteria for MSL Student German Trips

Read the following details regarding grant requests pertaining to MSL student trips to Germany before submitting any request relating to travel.

Examples of what the Foundation may fund:

  • Educational seminars and trips
  • Technology that promotes improved instruction
  • New and innovative learning experiences
  • Visiting experts in the field of education, family, or literature
  • Student sponsorship to immersion language events
  • Language models, such as reading aides or interns
  • A grant writer to apply for specific government or private grants
  • Examples of what the Foundation will generally NOT fund:
  • Structural improvements to the building
  • Projects that are in conflict or inconsistent with District Curriculum
  • Projects that should be funded through the building budget or district

Funding Responsibility

Disbursements of funds are made in the form of grants either directly to the person(s) applying for the grant, or by the District’s business office and reimbursed by the Foundation. Upon approval of the Grant Request, the Board may include some additional requirements upon the Grant recipient. These may include but not be limited to:

  • Submittal of receipts as proof of expenses, when appropriate
  • A written or oral report to the Grant Review Committee or to the Board during the course of the grant or upon completion.
  • Assignment of a Committee or Board member to work with the Grant recipient to implement the grant and/or to report the outcome.
  • A site visit by a Grants Review Committee member