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Meet the Amity Interns

Fall Interns


Carolin DornMarcella SchulzUrsula PrzewieslikConstantin Wollin

CarolinMGIS Fall Intern: Carolin Dorn

Classrooms:  K4 with Frau Heck and all 4th grade classes

My name is Carolin Dorn, I am 23 years old and my birthday is 24 July 1991.

I grew up in the Bavarian town Oettingen with around 5,000 inhabitants in the South of Germany.  My parents Edwin and Karin live in Oettingen, too.  I have two little sisters named Leni and Jule who are really important to me.  Jule is 16 and Leni is 9 years old.  We are not just sisters, we are friends, and we spend a lot of time together.

I am studying English and Geography for Gymnasium in my university city called Würzburg which is also in Bavaria.  I have finished my 3rd year of school and can’t wait to be a teacher. Würzburg has about 130,000 inhabitants.  It is a wonderful place to live in, because it is surrounded by beautiful vineyards and lies next to the river Main which is the longest river in Bavaria.  I love to sit at the shores and to look at the castle that is above the city.

In my spare time, I really love singing and playing the guitar.  When I was in school, I even had a band and had many live performances.  Music is very important to me.  One of my favorite musicians is Michael Jackson.  Furthermore, it is great fun for me to meet my friends and to spend time with them.  I love being creative in any way and I really enjoy taking photos.  My favorite dishes are noodles, pizza, Spätzle, Knödel and Brezen.   Moreover, I like going to the gym in order to keep me fit.

During my stay in Milwaukee, I will have two host families.  Rob and Beth Rock, and Richard and Nicole Pfaff.

I love travelling into foreign countries and I am very much interested in foreign cultures.  So, I am looking forward of living in the USA for this time.  I want to learn many aspects of the American culture and also hope to get the students enthusiastic about my German culture.

In my time in the US, I hope to experience many unique moments.  I am excited how German is taught in the USA and I am very happy to have the opportunity to help with this.  I want to be a perfect role model and love to help my students with any questions.  I am so glad to be an intern at the MGIS and to get to know all the students that are learning German.

I am looking forward of having a wonderful time at the
Milwaukee German Immersion School;  Or in Bavarian German:
I gfrei mi!
Let’s have a great time together!


MarcellaMGIS Fall Intern: Marcella Schulz

Classrooms:  K4 with Frau Baughn and all 3rd grade classes

My name is Marcella Schulz and I am 22 years old. I’m originally from Frankfurt.  I now study History and English (to become a teacher) at University Freiburg.  My mother and my father both work as bankers, my older brother Hendrik is an IT-specialist and Lennart, my younger brother still goes to school.  Most of the time I am in Freiburg, but I try to visit my family as often as possible.

I love making music.  I play the piano and the flute and I sing in the choir of our university (I also try to learn to play the UkuleleJ).  Besides that, I enjoy travelling, hiking and going out with friends.

I am really excited to live in Milwaukee and become a part of the German Immersion School and my host family, David and Dianna Steinbach.  In 2008 my family hosted an exhange student from Australia for five months.  It was great fun hosting and welcoming her to our family.  Now I look forward to being a part of a new family in the USA.

I have done various exchange programs before; Reynosa, Mexico in 2008. and Ha Noi, Vietnam in 2010.  I had great experiences with both programs.  I also love traveling, especially to England and Italy.  I know that this will be a unique chance for me and the students and their families to benefit from each other.  I hope that I can show you something new about my culture and that we will have a great time!

UrsulaMGIS Fall Intern: Ursula Przewieslik

Classrooms:  K4 with Frau Ullrich and all 5th grade classes

My name is Ursula Przewieslik. I am 23 years old and I am studying to become a teacher for English and Sports at Augsburg University.

I grew up in Schwindegg, a small village in Bavaria, which is about 45 minutes outside of Munich.  I lived there with my mother, my grandfather, my big sister (age 25), my little brother (age 8) and my grandparents until the age of 19, when I moved to Augsburg and started my studies at University.

In my three-generation household, amost everyone has a teaching background.  My grandfather was a principal, my mother was a teacher at a German “Hauptschule,” and my sister is also studying to be a teacher.  My grandmother loves to cook for us all on Sundays and I am always excited to get a good “Schweinsbraten” when I come home on the weekends. In my free time I like to do any kind of sport.  My favorite activities are playing soccer, skiing and going swimming.

My big passion is flying gliders!  I have been flying since I was 15 years old and I got addicted to it ever since.  For me there is nothing you can compare to the liberating feeling of being up in the air.

I am really looking forward to gaining and exchanging more teaching experiences, learning about new methods of teaching and classroom management. I am also very curious about getting a full first hand insight into the concept of an immersion school and reporting it to teachers in Germany. When I was a junior in high school, I spent a year in Austin, Texas.  It was a great experience living with an American family and going to Round Rock High School.  Milwaukee will be a great experience in being a teacher versus being a student.

I look forward to experiencing life “up north” in Wisconsin and enjoying Fall and Winter activities.  I am excited to become “family” with two host families during my stay.  Markus and Deanne Clare in the Fall and Todd and Renee Henserky in the Winter.

As a native speaker of German, I am looking forward to impart cultural knowledge to the students in a very authentic way and I would like to raise their cultural awareness and sensitivity.  Furthermore I want to convey my passion for learning languages and doing sports.  Maybe I can get some of the kids to kick the soccer ball around with me every once in a while too!

ConstantinMSL Fall Intern: Constantin Wollin

Classrooms:  Middle and High School German classes

My name is Constantin Wollin and I’ll be your new intern.  I’m from Kiel, Germany and I’m really excited to be working with everyone at Milwaukee School of Languages.  Friends and people from home call me Conny or Con as a nickname, but I’m opened-minded for new name-creations. Otherwise you can of course just speak to me as Constantin, or Herr Wollin in the classroom.

I was born in Dresden, April 1991, but soon moved to Bremen in the northwest of Germany.  I grew up there until I was 9 years old, when my parents decided to move from the city to the countryside. So I continued life in Stuhr, which is located to the southeast of Bremen and hence belongs to another Bundesland: Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony).  I enjoyed a really good and natural time of more than 10 years in Stuhr and also finished secondary school there in 2010.

As I could never live without physical exertion, I started swimming at a really young age.  This is just one of the best endurance sports in the world.  No water, no me.  But as a German, of course I can’t deny my addiction to football (or soccer as Americans call it).  Although I never went to a club, I always loved to go kick the ball with friends on the street or just different parks.  I also enjoy volleyball, bike riding, gymnastics, climbing and athletics as some of my favorite activities.

My other hobbies are meeting up with friends, listening and producing music as well as reading a good book or watching a movie.

After school I took a gap year and accomplished a voluntary service in Melbourne, Australia at a Rudolf Steiner School (in German: Waldorfschule). Luckily, I was given the option to use this service as a replacement for the, at that time, still existing mandatory military duty in Germany.  Back in Germany, I started studying History and English in Kiel in 2011, far up north at the Baltic Sea. Due to my dedication to sports, I later switched from History to Physical Education. During the summer holidays, I often took the chance to do some holiday job activities in a few hotels as a children’s animator and entertainer.  Last year for example, I worked in Mallorca, Spain as a swimming coach in a holiday resort.  The coaching experience needed for that I earlier gained from my home swimming club, which really helped me a lot!

Next chapter: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA! I really hope that I’ll get along with my host family, Stephen and Jen Bjork and the boys, the German teacher’s, Frau Morgan, Frau Nill and Frau Lohman, the rest of the MSL staff and most of all, all the students at MSL!