Annual Auction – Feature Item

Auction item includes:


Three GENEO Triple Pane Windows

Manufactured in WASCO’s Milwaukee Fensterwerk

  • Three WASCO GENEO Drehkippfenster (Tilt & Turn Windows) up to 90UI (“united inches”, the sum of the height and width) built in WASCO’s Milwaukee Fensterwerk (window factory) with REHAU RAU-FIPRO glass fiber composite extrusions and standard triple pane glass package featuring Cardinal LoE glass and an argon fill. These are the same windows we have supplied for passive and low energy homes from Colorado to Massachusetts!
  • Basic replacement-style installation of the above windows if desired.

Aluminum cladding of the exterior wood trim around the three windows if desired


$2625 Gift Certificate

  • Choose your own purchase from WASCO’s Fensterwerk (GENEO or 4500 Series) and enjoy a $2625 gift certificate towards their purchase. This is a great option if you need fewer but larger windows, or we can supply more of the lesser cost (but still high performance) 4500 Series Drehkippfenster.
  • If you don’t use the whole $2625 we will keep a credit on your account for the remainder. (No cash refunds)

Auction items must be ordered by December 31st, 2020. Other specials from WASCO may not be applied to the auction item.

If you have ANY questions about this or other auction items, please e-mail Nancy Crow at

About “Drehkippfenster”

“Drehkippfenster”, or turn and tilt windows, are a German invention which is now the most popular window type in continental Europe.  The unique hardware allows the window to be hinged both at the bottom and the side. This allows the window to be tilted in at the top, allowing for supurb natural ventilation even in the rain. They may also be turned to the inside for even more air. (This feature makes these windows the easiest of all to clean!) The windows feature multiple compression seals for air-tightness and locking points around the entire perimeter for strength and security. Because of strict energy codes in Germany, German window designs typically have thicker, warmer frames and room for triple pane glass with optimum 5/8” gaps.

About the WASCO Fensterwerk

WASCO Windows opened in Milwaukee in 1957 as Wisconsin Aluminum Supply Company, and was purchased by Dave Paulus in 1983. At that time, the company manufactured aluminum storm windows, siding and awnings.  Under Paulus’ direction WASCO became the first company in this area to manufacture then-new vinyl replacement windows. Since 1983 the Paulus family has transformed WASCO into a company that leads the industry in manufacturing and installing highly energy efficient window products, engineered for Wisconsin’s unique climate.

David Paulus, Jr. joined the company in 2006 after serving as a senior research associate at the Technische Universität Berlin, where he taught energy engineering and researched thermodynamics and the optimization of energy systems. David Jr. oversaw the modernization of the factory through the investment in over $100,000 worth of high quality Stürtz machinery. He then realized that the CNC nature of the equipment allowed WASCO to economically build even lower-volume items, so David Jr. started building windows like the ones he was used to in Germany. “Fensterwerk” is German for “window factory”, and WASCO uses this label to distinguish the German designs it builds from its North American designs.

In 2012, WASCO fabricated the first American-made version of an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly window system that achieves European Passivhaus standards – and far exceeds North American Energy Star standards using the GENEO™ System.  Deutsche Technik. Deutsche Qualität.  Made in Milwaukee.

WASCO invites anyone interested to stop by for a free factory tour during our normal working hours at 5070 N. 124th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53225. Call 414-461-9900 or vist  for direction or hours.